Audio / Video Transcription

In a very general sense, transcription may be expressed as putting speeches into writing. Media in any format other than the written text are deciphered and converted into written text. If this media is an audio recording, the process is called audio recording transcription, and if it is in the form of a video, it is called video recording transcription.

In many cases, simultaneously transcribing speeches given in events such as meetings, seminars and conferences may not yield good results. For this reason, these speeches are recorded and transcribed by the transcription team using appropriate software and, if desired, delivered with time code.

Transcription service includes deciphering the video recordings of television programs, movies and commercials as well as sound recordings obtained at events such as meetings, seminars, conferences, courses and interviews. Our transcription team deciphers speeches in audio recordings and videos that are forwarded to us, and transcribes them in compliance with the spelling and grammar rules. If requested, the transcribed text is delivered to our client as time coded.

While audio and video recordings’ transcription fees are based on the source language and the length of the media, some poor quality recordings may take longer than expected to decipher.

The transcribed video texts can be delivered to our clients in their raw form or they can be added to the video as subtitles by our team. Our company also offers subtitle and dubbing translation services.


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