Localization in a general context means adapting the translation to the country or ethnic group, where the translation will be used. Translation of software, games, advertising slogans and messages especially require localization.

In every society, there are proverbs, idioms and phrases that have emerged and have been used throughout the historical process of that society. It may not always be possible to successfully translate such phrases into the target language. Localization comes into play right at this point. Thanks to localization, the text translated into the target language gains a style specific to that country, region or ethnic group.

The aim of the companies that receive translation services is to sell their products to end users in different markets. This product may be a software, application, computer game or any product promoted by a brochure or catalog. For this reason, it is strategically important to provide all the contents translated in a way that will relay the correct meaning in accordance with the language use, culture, history and sensitive points of the target audience.

Localization process includes the following steps:

• Handling the texts to be translated with due diligence in terms of culture and politics of target audience
• Translating these texts in accordance with language use of target audience
• Identifying the terms used in the local market and applying them in translation
• Providing different translations to the client for words and phrases to be used in campaign slogans, advertising messages, and obtaining customer's approval
• Adapting date, time, numbers, currencies, units of measure, names, addresses and similar information to the target language
• Consulting the client for final approval

Localization should be performed by specialists, who have a different perspective than just doing literal translation and have experience in this field. These specialists should have a creative understanding of the translated subject and expertise in the local language.


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