Proofreading and Editing

Whether it is a text written in Turkish or English or a text that has been translated before by another party, our language specialists and editors work on the text that needs to be proofread, make necessary revisions in terms of grammar and spelling rules, localization and fluency before delivering it in its final form.

Nature of proofreading and editing may vary for texts belonging to different sectors. Proofreading, editing and spell check are mandatory especially in projects that require expertise such as academic translation, annual and audit reports, catalogs and brochures. In such translations, ensuring the fluency of the translated text but at the same time sticking to the original text should be the first priority.

Proofreading and editing are also very important while translating websites, games and advertising texts and slogans. Besides ensuring the correctness of the translated text in terms of language rules, it must also be localized. One of the main principles of localization process is exercising due diligence when it comes to the life style of the people who speak the target language and the points where they are politically and culturally sensitive. Another principle is adapting dates, time and numbers to the target language. Master's and doctoral theses and legal translations must also go through a very careful proofreading and editing process. After routine grammar and terminological checks, these texts should also be edited in terms of richness and integrity of expression.

Proofreading and editing require expertise and should not be perceived as just correcting spelling and punctuation errors in a translated text. While making any corrections on a translated text, it is necessary to ensure the integrity and fluency of the text and to preserve the author's style as well as to ensure the correct use of the language. In a standard proofreading; grammar rules, terminology conformity, format compliance checks as well as date, hour and number adaptations are performed.

Some translations are checked only by one proofreader, while some translations are checked by two different people. After the proofreader performs the standard checks, the proofread text is forwarded to the editor to perform further edits in order to ensure language fluency and semantic integrity.

This advanced editing activity should be perceived as making the translated text appealing to the end user. When an end user reads this text, he/she should be able to understand and use this text without feeling that it has been translated from another language to the target language. Translated texts that are not proofread and edited should never be delivered to the end user.

Our company possesses Xbench quality control product license.


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